Hatch Architects – Initiative Launch

Hatch Architects, Mar 24th, 2020 Eng. Musaad Algfari has launched the Architectural plans development initiative with the participation of approximately 200 architects from around the world, this is the second version of the initiative which was launched back in 2018. The initiative will be supervised by Eng. Musaad and Hatch Architects office. The objectives [...]

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Hypnotek Launch- تدشين العلامة التجارية هيبنوتيك

Hypnotek joins the family of  brands housed in Marketing Home Group MHG Press Release, Riyadh Mar 2020 Marketing Home Group (MHG) has started preparations for launching a new brand “Hypnotek®” which is a design oriented hi-tech brand containing various families of smart products and accessories that fall in the IoT category. The launch is expected in quarter [...]

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Marketing Home Group Rebrands!

Marketing Home Group has launched its new identity on Oct 7th, 2019 with the change of logo as part of its modernization and focused growth strategy managing a portfolio of businesses and brands. The design is based on modern minimalist approach where our blue represents the limitless opportunities and expansion of the sky combined with [...]

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